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Frequently Answered Questions

I have a question, how can I get it answered?

For now, please click on the "Contacts" tab and send us your question that way. We'll build this page as we are answering frequently asked questions.


How are players assigned to teams? Why have some players been assigned to teams while others have not?

As we get coach volunteers, we start assigning players to that coach's team based on coach requests. Typically, the coach will send us a list of players they'd like on their team, usually neighborhood friends, and then parents of those children will request that coach when registering. This is typically how teams begin to be formed for Tee Ball, AA Rookie, and AAA Rookie. All players will be assigned teams, but some will have to wait until we find coaches for all of the teams. After coach requests, we start accommodating as many friend requests as possible, then we start assigning players to teams based on common schools. Again, this is for Tee Ball, AA Rookie, and AAA Rookie. Divisions have caps for amount of players allowed per team, and so not everyone will get on the team of their choice. For Minors and Majors, there are Team Formation Rules, published in the Documents folder online. Once a coach volunteers, teams begin to be formed. However, these divisions also incorporate a Skills Assessment and Draft. It's much tougher to accommodate friend requests in the upper divisions, but we do make an attempt. 


When does the season start and end?

Opening Day for the Spring 2020 Season will now be May 11th, due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The regular season will run +/- 9 weeks and end towards the middle of July. Single-loss elimination playoffs will begin July 13th, unless a week is needed for make-up games due to more rain outs than typical. The latest the season will run is July 31st, but most divisions will end before this.


When are games?

For the American League Divisions, Tee Ball games are on Monday evenings on the Babe Ruth Field, beginning around 5:30 PM, and on Saturday mornings on Celebration Field. Rookie games can be Monday thru Friday evenings. We may play some AA Rookie games on Celebration Field on Saturdays if needed, but not many. Most Minor games will be on Thursday and Friday evenings, but some scattered games on other nights during the week, but none on Saturday, unless a potential make-up game. This is the same for Majors. Babe Ruth (13-15) games will be on Thursday and Friday evenings. Make-up games may be on any day of the week. The schedule will be posted the week of April 20th. Xtra League games are on Monday evenings and National League Games are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


What equipment is provided to coaches?

For the American League Divisions, Tee Ball bags are put at each field, with balls, a tee, four batting helmets, and one bat to share among both teams for games. Nothing is provided for practices. AA Rookie bags include a tee and machine pitch balls, which are hard, provided for games, along with four batting helmets and a bat to share among both teams. Nothing is provided for practices, so players are encouraged to purchase their own bats and helmets. For AAA Rookie games, bags are provided and include two sets of catcher gear, four helmets, and machine pitch balls, and a bat to share. For practices, nothing is provided, so again, players are encouraged to purchase their own bats and helmets. At the end of games, all equipment needs to be returned to the bag for Tee Ball, AA Rookie, and AAA Rookie. Your League Director will let you know where to place the bag after games. For Minor, Major, and Babe Ruth, each coach will receive a bag with two batting helmets to return at the end of the season. Bats are not provided, and catcher gear is shared at games only. Players are encouraged to purchase their own bats and helmets, otherwise they may need to borrow a teammate's equipment. No equipment is provided to National League teams. Game balls are provided by the League for Minor, Major, Babe Ruth and NL games. Three new baseballs will be provided at the start of each game.


What bat standard does Mueller Park Baseball use?

Cal Ripken requires the use of wood bats or bats with the USA Baseball stamp. No BBCOR bats are allowed in Cal Ripken. Babe Ruth (13-15) allows BBCOR .50 bats (2 5/8" Barrel), in addition to bats with the USA Baseball stamp. Babe Ruth (16-18) requires all bats to be wood or BBCOR .50, no greater than -3. However, for league games at Mueller Park, we do not regulate bat use at this time, and allow all bats to be used in games unless deemed dangerous or tampered with. For league games away from Mueller Park, you'll need to adhere to that league's bat use policy. For Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth tournament games, bat rules are strictly enforced.


How can I get involved/volunteer, but not as a coach?

We are always looking for new volunteers. Please reach out to the League President and/or another board member and let them know your interest. We could use some new board members to help with tee ball and the rookie leagues.

Also, don't forget about Field Day. We'll spend a Saturday morning getting the fields ready for Opening Day! We're shooting for May 9th at this time.


What is the American League?

The American League is what we call our Recreational League. Anyone is welcome to sign-up and play in the American League. We have open divisions ranging from tee ball to 15U Babe Ruth, or from ages three to fifteen.

We are also starting a 16U-18U High School team (or teams depending on interest). This team will have to travel during the week to play teams from other programs. Anyone is able to sign-up for the tryout, but we'll have to narrow down the team to 12 players. If we get 24 or more players wanting to play, we'll form two teams. Coaches are needed for the 16U-18U team(s).


What is the National League?

The National League is what we call our Competitive League. This league is for pre-formed teams. Not everyone can play in the National League. Only teams approved to play can join, and players need approval from a coach before being placed on a team. Still, players and coaches need to register individually.

The American League teams do not play the National League teams during the season.


What is the Xtra League?

This is a partnership with Legacy (West Bountiful), Centerville, and Farmington's baseball programs. Anyone who signs up to play in the American League can tryout for an Extra League team. Teams are based on grade and we'll have four teams: 3rd Grade Team, 4th Grade Team, 5th Grade Team, and 6th Grade Team. 

Games are on Monday nights, and these teams will play games in West Bountiful, Centerville, and Farmington, as well as at Mueller Park. Tryouts will be in early to mid-March, so if interested, register for the tryout online. There will be an additional cost, as players who make these teams will still play their American League schedule. These are additional games, with a slighly more competive atmosphere. If your player loves baseball and wants more games, I'd encourage them to tryout for this league, even if you are unsure of their skill level. It's meant for kids who love the game, but haven't found their way on a "Comp" team to date. The additional cost will likely be close to $90.00, as we'll need to get these teams jerseys and hats, and still pay for umpires, field prep, baseballs, etc.


What if I want my player to play up a Division?

For some advanced 8-year olds, we will allow them to play up in the Minors Division. Same thing for some advanced 10-year olds, as we will allow them to play up in the Majors Division. Also, we will allow exceptions for grade level. If you're a young 3rd grader, you can play up in the Minors Division. If you're a young 5th grader, you can play up in the Majors Division. If you're a young 7th grader, you can play up in Babe Ruth. Registration is based on age, and not grade. So if you'd like to play up a Division, send Scott Hallows (found on "Contacts" tab) an email with an explanation on why you'd like your player to play up. Do not register for the division you do not want to play in without making sure we know you'd like to be moved. We'll get you in the right division if you contact us.

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