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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Mueller Park Baseball

Guidance for Players, Coaches, and Parents

Updated: August 11, 2020

When attending games at Mueller Park, as a player, volunteer, or spectator, please follow the guidelines as established by the Utah Leads Together directive (, in addition to the specific set of guidelines outlined below. We are currently in "Yellow," or Low Risk. If we move back to “Orange,” or Moderate Risk, youth baseball will go away.

The Saftey of Our Players and Community is Our Number One Concern

It’s very important that everyone helps and does their part and takes this seriously, so we can better maintain a healthy relationship with the community, and so that we can all stay safe. No one person can make sure the guidelines are being followed alone. It will take both coaches and parents to help remind our children to be safe and follow the guidelines below:


The following guidelines must be agreed to and followed:

Social Distancing: Individual households must do their best to sit apart from other parties and limit the amount of family members who attend games, and interactions with other households. Recommended two family members per player. Face coverings should be worn where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. We are to try and limit groups to 50 or fewer at each one of our fields, so please take this into consideration when attending games.

  • Dugout Rule: Players should limit the time they are in the dugouts and should try and maintain a six-feet distance from other players at all times. When off the field and waiting for their turn at-bat, players can be outside the fenced area with family members.
  • Face Coverings: Players are welcome to wear  masks, but this won’t be a requirement at this time, as it is difficult for some players to breath while wearing a mask. Spectators are encouraged to wear masks, but also not a requirement.
  • Exit Plan: Players, coaches, and parents of teams that are done playing must exit the park in a timely manner. Teams, please exit the dugouts and field immediately after the game ends.
  • No Congregating: Do not congregate before or after games. Teams can arrive at the ball park an hour early to get warmed up when they are playing in the first game of the evening. When teams are not playing in the first game, please do not arrive more than 30 minutes early to get warmed up and when warming up, please try and distance your team from other teams and spectators.
  • End of Game: Lining up to shake hands with the opposing team is not permitted, and team huddles are not permitted. Also, remind your players while in the field, no high fives or unnecessary contact.
  • Six Feet Apart: Social distancing rules apply when in lines for the restrooms, concessions, and all other times when possible. 


Healthy Participants Only: Any players, volunteers, or spectators who are sick will not be allowed at games or practices. Parents and coaches must work together to check players for COVID-19 symptoms prior to games. Players who have household members with symptoms must stay home from games. Symptoms include a fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pains, headache, sore throat, and loss of taste or smell. If your player has any of these symptoms, please keep them home.

  • Required Hand Washing: Players are required to wash hands or use sanitizer between every inning. Coaches and parents are to provide adequate hand sanitizer for every player. The League will provide coaches with hand sanitizer.
  • No Sharing of Equipment: Players should have and use their own equipment, including a glove, batting helmet, and bat, and not borrow equipment. Catcher’s should have their own equipment as well. The League will work with coaches to make sure equipment is available and sanitized, but it is strongly recommended that parents purchase equipment for their players.


Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mueller Park Baseball


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